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Yaprak Yeşilada Yalçın - Coca-Cola University and Talent Management
Crossroads is a trusted solution provider for us especially in the area of negotiation skills development. Crossroads has researched and designed case-studies for our workshop based on the realities of our business. This is real tailoring.

The interactive nature of the workshop and the relevance of the case studies are much appreciated by our participants. The Negotiation Skills workshop is one of the courses that receives consistently high ratings in our development curriculum.

Erhan Gönültaş - Training Department
Having been one of the core programmes in our training catalogue for many years, Crossroads’ Advanced Negotiation Skills training has become one of the best outcomes of our long-standing relationship with Crossroads.

As one of the fundamental corporate competencies needed to ensure professional success, Advanced Negotiation Skills training was designed in collaboration with Crossroads as a multi-dimensional and methodological programme based on our corporate requirements. As an outcome of successful cooperation, this programme engaged all attendees, and motivated them to participate actively in role-playing activities, case studies, and other exercises which were all designed with corporate needs in mind, taking into consideration real processes and situations.

The trainers’ expertise and ability to effectively manage the case studies made a considerable contribution to the programme’s success and participants’ satisfaction. Additionally, the individual evaluation reports prepared by trainers for each participant have been of great importance in assessing the effectiveness of the training programme and the participants’ development.
  Bahar Zeytinli ÖNALDI
Mars Entertainment Group

Crossroads works in a very professional way. We were very pleased with the negotiation skills training we took from them. The careful research they did in our company before the training to prepare tailored case-studies, the trainer and the follow-up after the training were very professional. Thank you.

  Gizem Dalay - Training Department
Crossroads have provided training to us on Negotiation Skills for our Claims, Finance and Legal department employees as well as Presentation Skills for our Claims employees and Influencing Skills for several groups of our District Sales Managers.
The participants have commented that all the exercises provided by the trainer were relevant to their area of interest, thanks to Crossroads preparation for the course in tailoring it for the participants’ needs.
All of the courses have provided insight and knowledge on the topics as well as application tips for the participants.
All of our employees who have participated in Crossroads courses evaluated both the course and the trainer above expectations.  

Nilgün A.Koçak - Human Resources Specialist - Aksaray Plant

We are extremely happy to have got to know Crossroads. I believe that the creative and professional partnership they provided, from their approach to the initial training proposal right through to the course evaluations at the end of the process, ensured the success of our training programmes.

At Mercedes-Benz Türk A.Ş.’s.factory in Aksaray, we organised a series of Win-Win Conversations, Conflict Management and Negotiation Skills Workshops. I congratulate Crossroads for the way in which they devoted hours on the telephone in careful and detailed research and preparation for the special tailored case studies and role-plays they created for us. The feedback that we received about the training and trainers from our target population demonstrated Crossroads’ success.

We hope to be able to work with Crossroads again in future on many different topics.

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