Executive 1-1

Are your senior executives facing a challenging international meeting which is crucial for your business? Do they have to make an important presentation to an international audience which could win you a major contract? Or are they preparing to take part in a vital negotiation and need to be able to use their language skills to broker win-win solutions for your company?

If so, we can help your executives to prepare for these challenging scenarios, help them to build their confidence through practice and language support and help them to perform strongly in the international arena.

Designed for the busy executive who nevertheless has decided to devote time seriously to the development of his or her language skills, these one-to-one programmes can be organised to fit in with the executive’s schedule and can be run to include weekends to save working time. Each one-week module provides 40 hours of face-to-face training. The eight hours per day can be programmed in the morning, afternoon or evening depending on the executive’s commitments.

They will have the benefit of working 1-1 with an international trainer with a business background who will understand their needs and be able to tailor the programme to those needs. 

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Our trainers

All of our trainers are UK-based professional, qualified trainers with business backgrounds and with many years of experience of teaching English to business people internationally. All of our trainers have worked extensively in Turkey and are familiar with the culture. They have also delivered training in many other countries worldwide.

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