The Role of the manager


Managers get results through managing and leading other people. It’s the key difference between managers and non-managers. They need to understand and adjust to this role.

New managers are operating outside their comfort zone. Existing managers often want their teams to do things exactly as they would. Both groups find it hard to stand back from the detail and be managers.

This one-day workshop can be run separately or as part of a broader skills programme.


Key areas are explored and practised through group exercises, practical activities and facilitated discussion. The workshop is highly active.

Participants will explore, understand and practise skills related to :

The purpose of a manager

  • pressures, expectations and priorities 
  • the Task – People dilemma 
  • balancing the different demands on their time

Different styles of management

  • main models underpinning management attitudes 
  • principles of situational leadership

Engaging the team 

  • the four basic ways of working with a team
  • what will determine success or failure

Motivating individuals

  • the theory and the practice


  • what it is, what it isn’t and how to do it

This workshop typically forms the first day of our Introduction to Management  programme. Tailored versions are used with experienced managers.

It leads naturally into the area of  People and Performance Management. 

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