Skills for teambuilding and teamwork

Teamworking is essential in all organisations. All managers need to be able to build and lead effective teams. This workshop explores the skills needed to do this successfully. Participants will learn how to build successful teams in their own areas of the business.

Our approach is based on the core principles of high-performance teams developed by Katzenbach and Smith: 
  • Common Purpose
  • Common Measures
  • Membership
  • Common Approach
  • Mutual Accountability
We use a three-step process:
  • First the key principles are identified.
  • Then, through games and exercises, the participants explore what these principles mean in practice and how to apply them.
  • Finally at each stage of the training, they create action plans identifying how they will apply the principles with their own teams.
The workshop includes work on:
  • Identifying and exploring the characteristics of high-performing teams.
  • Group activities, games and a cross-functional team exercise designed to focus on different aspects of successful teamwork and the challenge of different priorities and focus.
  • A teamwork questionnaire to explore the different contributions each team member brings to the team.
  • Team games and discussion looking at communication, planning and organising and problem solving.
  • An exercise to help team members understand that the individual can only succeed if the team succeeds.
Who will benefit from this workshop?
All managers and future managers who need to develop the skills and understanding to strengthen teamwork.

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