Success Stories
    Inciser Akad – Ulusal Satış Müdürü 

Crossroads gave me exactly what I was looking for with their Business English Course.  I achieved my objectives for Business Language development which I needed for my career development.  I've improved my speaking and writing, I've learnt a lot of vocabulary and I've practised my listening. 

Crossroads’ teaching system is completely different from others. Crossroads focused on real business stories, case-studies and role-plays.  That helped me to use these conversations in my own business life.  I learnt how to present my job results using a variety of language and also applying the presentation skills we were taught.. 

Other courses spend most of the time teaching grammar. Crossroads also teaches grammar but through the activities we took part in. We learned lot of things throughout the course.

I also want to add a word about the trainer.  She worked hard at helping us to improve our English in a friendly and supportive way.  The CD she made for me which includes what we’ve learned during the course is really helpful.

I recommend this course to everyone who wants to improve their English level in a short time frame with a good quality company and experienced trainers.  

    Hakan Tandoğdu – Chief of External Relations
Frankly it's a pleasure for me to write a reference for Crossroads, because they do their job very well.

I think there are three main distinguishing features of Business English Training at Crossroads:

  • First of all the level definition process is very rigorous.
  • Secondly, during the course you cover all the main situations you might confront in real business life, such as making phone calls and taking part in meetings and negotiations and you have the opportunity to work on the language needed to be effective in English in those situations.
  • In addition, one of the most important situations we practised was presenting financial information. Most business people face the need to make such presentations in their everyday business lives. We learnt a lot of phrases and vocabulary to enrich our speech.
  • Lastly what really helped us to progress was the opportunity to prepare for and practice our own work-related presentations, using what we had learnt and receiving valuable feedback from the trainer.

For me it was a real jump up.

     Gamze Kılıç – Solae Türkiye Satış Müdürü
When I first began my career after graduating from Hacettepe University, I worked for local companies and had very little opportunity to use my English in business life.

Then I had a job offer from a multi-national company, where good language skills are very important.  With so little practice over the years, my English had become very rusty so my supervisor asked me to attend an intensive English for Business Course to develop my level in a short time frame. One of the options suggested by DuPont HR was to attend a course with Crossroads.  I am really glad that I did.  

I now feel much more confident when speaking on the phone with my colleagues abroad and when writing e-mails.  I have also made good progress with presenting in English which is also crucial for my job.  My managers, supervisor and colleagues have all noticed how my Business English has developed and have congratulated me on my improvement.

    Çiğdem Güven Örmen - Altunizade Ticari Şube Müdürü

In the Crossroads Business English training course that I attended, the group size and profile of the participants was very good. I liked the use of time, the contents of the programme and the exercises.

I especially liked the contents of the presentations work that we did and found the practice of real life business presentations very useful.

The fact that the participants had similar positions in their companies and were professionals enabled the group to work more quickly and effectively together.

    Güzin Taşkın Kahraman - Human Resources Manager 

In 2010, I attended an “English for Business” training course with Barbara Ferguson. It was a really useful five-day programme. The lively exercises, such as speaking on the telephone role-playing business meetings and making presentations, gave us a lot of practice and ensured that we remembered the language that we had learnt.

During the breaks and at lunch times we also had the opportunity to practise speaking on everyday topics with Barbara and her team. I would like to thank Crossroads for their contribution to developing our English.

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