Tailored Programmes

We design tailored programmes for companies who have a number of participants of a similar level of English to train.

We listen to our clients.

  • First of all we meet with our clients’ HR professionals to find out what the priorities are.
  • We conduct level-testing projects to ascertain current levels of English through written and spoken tests.
  • Through needs analysis questionnaires and pre-course interviews we learn what our participants need to be able to do better in their working lives.
  • We combine this with the needs of the organisation and design programmes according to the business and language development needs of the participants.

We focus on improving performance.

  • We select Business dialogues, prepare role-play and case study simulations
  • We determine the balance of activities between presenting, taking part in 1-1 and group meetings and negotiations, conducting international phone calls and conference calls and listening to business dialogues.
  • We create the programme.

Each one-week module provides 40 hours of face-to-face training.

We can run the programme at our centre in BJK Plaza in Beşiktaş or in a venue provided by the client.

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Our trainers

All of our trainers are UK-based professional, qualified trainers with business backgrounds and with many years of experience of teaching English to business people internationally. All of our trainers have worked extensively in Turkey and are familiar with the culture. They have also delivered training in many other countries worldwide.

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