Cross-Cultural Communication

More and more managers today work in a complex environment in which they need to work successfully with colleagues, suppliers, customers and other stakeholders from other countries whose languages, customs, values and behaviours are very different from their own.

It may be that they have been seconded to a foreign country themselves, or that they work closely with foreign colleagues who have been transferred to their own home country. More commonly, they need to work virtually in project teams, take part in tele-conferences with counterparts in other affiliates or attend regional or global meetings. They may work in a company with a matrix organisation and have a reporting line to a senior manager abroad.

In all of these situations, they will be able to operate more effectively and achieve their company’s goals more easily if they have developed an awareness of how people from other cultures perceive them and an understanding of the driving forces behind the behaviours that they observe in others.

Research has shown that a large percentage of postings abroad terminate unsuccessfully because the employee has been unable to adapt to the host culture. This is costly for the organisation. Misunderstandings between colleagues based on cultural differences can undermine the work of a project team and slow it down or make virtual working even more challenging.

Organisations which place importance on developing cross-cultural awareness, however, are able to avoid these pitfalls and this gives them a competitive edge in the global market place.

Crossroads is able to support companies who wish to strengthen cross-cultural awareness in teams or individuals. We can run workshops or work one-to-one to help people deal with the general challenges of working cross-culturally. And we can also offer country-specific programmes. For more information about these programmes click on:

Working in multi-cultural teams 
Working successfully with the Turks 
Working successfully with the French
Working successfully with the Russians

We have delivered this training for:

Colgate-Palmolive, Dunhumby, IKEA, Schneider Electric

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