Selling Skills

Crossroads has  many years of experience of working with sales teams.  The directors of Crossroads have considerable experience of sales and sales management.  This experience is used in tailored programmes designed to provide or strengthen sales skills for people in a wide range of sectors and roles.

The content and length of a programme will vary according to the client’s needs.  Core sales programmes, however, will cover models and skills needed for:

  • preparation
  • structuring the conversation
  • identifying and exploring needs
  • presenting features and benefits
  • dealing with objections
  • securing agreement.

Emphasis is also placed on the importance of building relationships.

A key strength of these workshops is the constant practice in using the models and skills in role plays that correspond to the participants’ day-today meetings.  We use video to record and provide feedback. 

The Sales Skills content can also be combined with Influencing Skills where appropriate.

We are happy to work with and build on the sales models used in your organisation.

We have experience of designing tailored programmes for sales, key account management and business development for clients in pharmaceuticals, engineering, financial services and professional services.

Please contact us to discuss your needs in more detail.

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