Crossroads runs teamworking and teambuilding workshops to meet two different needs.
  • Helping managers and team members acquire the skills needed to work successfully in a team or to build and lead a high performing team.

  • Helping an actual team develop the self-awareness and make the changes needed to be a high-performing team.
Both types of workshop are based on the same principles of high-performing teams. They both use many of the same activities. They are different, however, in their objectives; the second type focuses very much on dealing with the isues faced by the real team.

In the first case we sometimes work with managers from different parts of the organisation, helping them develop the skills they need to strengthen their own teams. Or we work with high-potential staff, giving them skills and insights that will help them when they are managing their own teams later. On these workshops we look at a range of team situations and practise the most effective skills.

More details of these programmes are in our Communication Skills section under Skills for teambuilding and teamwork.

In the second case, we work with a team where some or all of the members are new and where the sense of being a team needs to be created. Or a team which is facing new challenges and needs to find a new, more successful way of working together. Here we use the team’s real issues to work on the skills and approaches needed to be a high-performing team. These workshops often involve facilitation to resolve challenges the team is facing. The team will create a series of action plans that will implement the changes they have agreed.

More details of these programmes are in our Facilitation section under Building a high-performance team.

We have delivered this training for:

Colgate-Palmolive, ING Bank, Schneider Electric

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