Win-Win Conversations

The objective of this one-day workshop is to help people deal with issues or solve problems that arise between departments or different interest groups in organisations. It gives people the skills to look for and build a sense of shared purpose, to enable them to tackle differences of opinion cooperatively and find win-win solutions.

Participants will learn a fundamentally different approach to reaching agreement with other people and they will acquire skills and techniques that they will be able to use immediately.
The workshop will cover:
  • Agreeing a common strategy for a project across different interests.
  • Building agreement with people in other departments when goals seem incompatible.
  • Solving a problem affecting several teams when responsibility for the causes and the outcome are not clear or accepted.
The trainer will give feedback on how the group measured up to the principles of win-win conversations.
The key principles are established through an active group exercise. They are then practised in a series of one-to-one role plays, allowing key skills to be developed. The principles and skills are then brought together in a group meeting where participants have to find a win-win solution to a problem which is threatening the company’s profitability.

With in-house, tailored programmes, we design a special case study based on participants’ sectors and their own company’s internal negotiating activities. The participants will be asked to fill in a needs analysis questionnaire and the programme will be modified according to the needs expressed.
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