Influencing Skills


The key to successful influencing

What is the key to influencing other people? Most people develop an influencing style based on their own personality. They use an approach that they are comfortable with and techniques based on what would influence them. Sometimes this works, sometimes it doesn’t.

Consistently successful influencing depends on:

  • Understanding the other person’s preferred style.
  • Adapting your style to match theirs.
  • Creating a situation – and sometimes a relationship – in which the other person is willing to be influenced.
Course Content
On this one-day workshop participants will learn how to:
  • Use both verbal and non-verbal communication to create the right impact to support the message they want to communicate.
  • Recognise and be able to use the different push and pull influencing styles.
  • Understand the four ways in which people evaluate arguments when they are asked to do something.
  • Identify a specific individual’s preferred approach.
  • Match the appropriate influencing style to the individual and use it.

The workshop uses role plays to illustrate and understand the different styles. It also uses a team game to see the effect of different influencing styles.

Everyone will have the chance to practise applying appropriate influencing styles to different counterpart types.

Who will benefit
Everyone needs to influence others in the workplace: colleagues, seniors, team members, others in a matrix structure, customers when the sales person has limited flexibility ....
This workshop will give those people the understanding and skills to influence more successfully.

We have delivered this training for:
Liberty Sigorta

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