Presentation Skills

Methods and Content

This programme is intended for people who need to present information clearly and convince audiences internally and externally and locally or internationally.

Crossroads’ methods are intensive and active.  All participants will make a number of presentations during the course and will receive video feedback on them.  We use the participants' own work-related topics as the basis of the presentations practised.    The programme will include practical work on:

  • Audience Orientation:                 
  • How tailored is your message for your audience?
  • Central Message:                        
  • Is it clear? Does it have appeal and impact?
  • Structure and signposting:         
  • Can your audience follow your logic?
  • The spoken word:                        
  • Is your language clear and simple?
  • Memorability:                              
  • Are you using language that has impact?
  • Delivery:                                      
  • Is your voice adding to your message?
  • Visual aids:                                  
  • Do your visuals support your message?
  • Body language:                           
  • What non-verbal messages are you giving?
  • Question-handling:                      
  • Do you answer questions with confidence?
  • Language support:                      
  • Useful phrases to support the presentation.

    Presentation skills programmes are offered on a tailored or open course basis.  They can be delivered in English with UK-based professional trainers or in Turkish with Istanbul-based experienced Turkish trainers.  We also coach managers individually for important presentations they need to make.
    We have delivered this training for companies in many sectors including the following:

    Coca-Cola University, Coca-Cola Bottlers, Cognis, DHL, Doğuş Holding, Eczacıbaşı Askaynak, Epson, Garanti Bank, Liberty Sigorta, Mars Entertainment, McDonald’s, Mehmet Gün Hukuk Burosu, MSD, Nike, Philip Morris, Sandoz,  Schering Plough, Sur Yapı.

    Tailoring the Programme
    Before the seminar, participants will be asked to fill in a needs analysis questionnaire and the programme will be modified according to the needs expressed.

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