Career Management

Crossroads has been involved in career management and outplacement since its creation.

We work in three areas : Outplacement, Career management and Work-Life balance.


When organisations re-structure, individuals are affected. For those leaving the company, it is important to ensure they are supported as they make the transition to a new job or a new way of life. Outplacement can help these people by taking them through a three-stage process which will help them to :
  • understand and come to terms with what is happening; and assess themselves, the market and the opportunities
  • identify targets and present themselves effectively in writing, networking and interviews
  • plan and run the project that will take them to the next stage of their life.
Depending on the individual’s plans and aspirations, the support can focus on self-employment as well as seeking a new salaried role.

In Turkey, Crossroads can provide outplacement support on a one-to-one or group basis, in Turkish or English.

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Career management

Managers in large organisations often find themselves in a position where they need to be more pro-active in the management of their career. Typical situations include :
  • Expatriate managers nearing the end of their posting abroad
  • Managers in a post-merger situation needing to compete to retain their current role
  • People whose increasing specialisation may reduce the opportunities open to them.
All can benefit from support to help them take greater control of these career situations.

Crossroads has worked with managers in the UK, Turkey, Germany and the Middle East, on a one-to-one basis and in workshops, to help them achieve this greater control.

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Work-Life balance

Workloads, deadlines and travel all add significant pressure to the lives of managers and non-managers. This is reflected in employee surveys. It is also potentially harmful – to performance and to the individuals. Companies need to help people recognise that best-in-class results can be achieved in normal working hours and to help them take responsibility for achieving that.

The standard response – better Time Management – is not enough. People need to position their work and careers within the context of their lives and overall life goals. Too much focus on work and career is not healthy in the long term - neither for the individual nor the organisation. Balance is important for both parties.

Crossroads organises workshops to help people understand and achieve this. In Turkey we have run workshops on this topic for Pfizer.

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