Recruitment interviews


Interviews continue to play a key part in the recruitment process. Yet because they are based on a conversation between people, there is a strong risk of subjectivity and lack of structure.

To overcome this, good interviews use well-established techniques to ensure:

  • the interviewer is looking for the right evidence 
  • the interviewee has the chance to demonstrate their ability
  • the interviewer can assess and compare the evidence from different candidates objectively.

  • Crossroads runs workshops to give or refresh the skills needed to interview well. 


    The content of these workshops is adapted to the experience of the participants. Line managers with no training in interview techniques receive a full introduction to the principles. HR professionals with some previous training can focus on specific types of interview and problems.

    The content will be drawn from :


  • What competencies, skills and knowledge are needed to succeed in the role. 
  • What evidence will demonstrate the candidate has what is needed.
  • What questions will produce that evidence.

  • Techniques

  • Types of question: open, probing, hypothetical. 
  • Competency-based, criteria-based, situation-based interviews.
  • Future scenario questions.
  • Where necessary, work is done on creating the right atmosphere, putting the candidate at ease and adapting the techniques to panel and joint interviews.

  • The workshops are highly active, with participants practising the different techniques in mock interviews and working in sub-groups on short exercises. Video recording is used to provide visual feedback.

    Who will benefit?

    The flexible nature of the programme means that it can be adapted to meet the needs of managers who are interviewing for the first time and those who are experienced but want to develop new approaches.

    We have delivered this training for:


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