Success stories
Markus Baltzer - President of Bayer Healthcare France and 
                           Managing Director of Bayer Santé France

I met Barbara and John Ferguson of Crossroads some 10 years ago at a time when I was searching for coaching and management development consultants. Since then I have had the opportunity to enjoy many projects with them, working with me and my teams and delivering incredible results each time.

What I find most impressive is that these results are always consistently excellent, relevant and really helpful for the individual and the organisation. I really appreciate the very personal and unique way they have of treating the human being in us, and linking that to the professional challenges we face every day.

John has just completed a coaching assignment with one of my team. He returned to the company enthused, very happy with the session and personally deeply touched and energized. Thanks a lot.



Bacardi Senior Executive.

I've found John’s coaching valuable on several different occasions. Whatever the challenge, he’s helped me understand the “landscape” – where I want to be, where I am currently and what the road looks like. He provides tools that open new perspectives.

When I was faced with a very new situation, he was able to challenge my thinking and provoke new ideas. The outcome was practical, focused and something I felt confident about. His approach is always challenging and supportive at the same time.


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