Working in multi-cultural teams


In large organisations many teams are increasingly international.  Some are management teams covering a number of different markets.  Others are project teams drawing on the organisation’s cultural diversity.  In matrix structures, functional teams often cover a wide geographical area with different reporting lines, yet need to act as a single functional team at the regional or global level.

Working as a team is not always easy.  Dealing with the challenges of separation and “being virtual” makes it harder.  Adding the cross-cultural dimension makes it even more difficult.  Crossroads can work with your teams to tackle these three areas together.


We draw on elements of our teambuilding and teamwork programmes:

 • building a vision of the team that they want to be.
 • agreeing the purpose and how they will measure its achievement.
 • exploring and reconciling the different priorities, focus and personalities that exist in the team 
   and resolving possible conflicts

We combine it with our cross-cultural experience to:

• build understanding of how cultural differences affect attitudes and behaviour in the three key 
  areas of potential crosscultural tension
• Create strategies for reducing that tension.
• We practise, through role plays and group activities, the specific communication techniques that
   will help the team operate effectively – in spite of distance; in spite of differences.

Who will benefit from this workshop?

We will adapt the aims and content of the workshop to the specific needs of the client.  Overall, the goal is to strengthen teams whose success is affected not only by the quality of their teamwork but also by either, or both, the cultural diversity and their virtual nature.

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