Building a high-performance team

Crossroads has worked with a number of organisations to build high-performing teams and strengthen teamwork.

Typical cases include:
  • teams where some or all of the members are new and where the sense of being a team needs to be created.
  • teams facing new challenges and needing to find a new, more successful way of working together to meet those challenges.
  • cross-company teams created for a project which must be carried out within a tight deadline.
In all these cases we use the team’s real issues to work on the skills and approaches needed to be a high-performing team. These workshops often involve facilitation to resolve challenges – both internal and external – that the team is facing.

A result of the workshop is a clear agenda and action plan for the team.


We believe that all teams can work more successfully by understanding and applying the core principles of high-performing teams developed by Katzenbach and Smith:
  • Common Purpose
  • Common Measures
  • Membership
  • Common Approach
  • Mutual Accountability
We use a three-step process.
  • First the key principles are identified.
  • Then, through exercises and facilitated discussion, the team measures its performance against these principles and agrees where and how they can improve.
  • Finally the team creates a series of action plans that will implement the changes they have agreed.
The workshop will include work on:
  • building a vision of the team that they want to be.
  • agreeing each of the key elements of their purpose and how they will measure its achievement.
  • a facilitated exploration of the different priorities, focus and personalities that exist in the team and resolving possible conflicts.
  • a series of team activities to illustrate the principles of effective teamwork and raise questions about how the team communicates, plans and organises, and makes collective decisions.
We can draw on a wide range of tools, where relevant, including a pre-workshop questionnaire to assess the current strengths and weaknesses of the team and profiling tools such as Myers-Briggs.

These workshops add real value where teams need to achieve a higher level of performance.

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