Coaching skills


Coaching skills are an essential part of a manager’s toolkit. Most managers do not need to become qualified coaches. All managers, however, will benefit from understanding how coaching works and learning some skills to help them develop their team members.

Crossroads has been helping managers acquire and practise these performance coaching skills for over 15 years. We can design short, one- or two-day programmes specifically to correspond to the experience level of your managers.

Typical focus areas include:

Taking responsibility

Helping people deal with things themselves, rather than pass it to their manager.

Example : Team member says, “ I’ve been waiting for this information. They keep promising it but it never comes. I don’t know what to do. Could you talk to them for me?”

The manager must coach him to deal with the problem himself

The next step

Helping people take on a new role or as the result of delegation.

Example : An account manager currently dealing with small accounts is asked to take on one of the company’s biggest customers.

The manager has confidence in her, but should provide coaching support.

Problem solving

Helping people to solve a problem they have encountered. This can work between peers as well as manager to team member.

Example : A sales person says, “I know competitor X is stronger in this area than we are, but we need this contract. I don’t know what else to do.”

Coaching can generate innovative solutions.

Changing behaviours

Example : A member of your team is producing excellent results. A senior colleague has told you, however, that this person’s style is abrasive and is causing problems on some projects.

Coaching can help the person recognise the weakness and deal with it.

Coaching must also be adapted to the context in which managers work. Sales managers, especially, must use the short intervals between sales meetings on field visits to work on important issues. We have designed and run Coaching on the Move [Link] workshops for a number of FMCG and pharmaceutical sales teams.

In addition, coaching skills are a key part of our three-day Managing people and performance programme and our two-day Feedback and Coaching workshop.


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