Reviewing performance


Reviewing performance is too often viewed as a negative activity.  For that reason, many managers do not do it confidently.  But without it, it is impossible to manage performance or develop people.

This workshop will help managers create the right environment for reviewing performance and learn how to make it a regular part of their day-to-day management.

The workshop is active and practical.  Participants will explore, understand and practise skills related to :
Why managers review performance
  • the mindsets associated with performance reviews
  • the two fundamental principles underpinning performance reviews
How to review
  • the core review model
  • the key skills needed to implement it
  • what it is and how to give it
Strengthening the positives
  • quick ways of building on success
Challenging underperformance
  • how to deal with underperformance when feedback is not enough
Establishing root causes
  • techniques for finding out the real reasons for problems
  • Participants will feel confident that they can review performance constructively, in a wide range of situations.
This programme can be run as a one-day workshop.  It is very often combined with The role of the manager and Coaching skills to form a three-day managing people and performance programme. 

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