Working with the French


This workshop is designed to help all those who work with the French – as colleagues, suppliers, partners or clients.

The workshop will help participants:

         •  recognise how the beliefs, behaviours and motivations of French business people are 
            different from their own and understand why.

         •  identify strategies and approaches that will improve the likelihood of successful relationships.

The workshop will cover:

         •  What is culture? Useful models for recognising and understanding differences. And what do 
             they tell us about the French.

         •  Exploration of the participants’ own assumptions and values and how they will be perceived
             by their French partners.

         •  Descartes : how a 500 year-old Frenchman will be present in your discussions.

         •   L’esprit hexagonal : how the French see themselves in the world.

         •   Education, qualifications and experience: what do the French regard as important? 

         •   How do French companies work? Hierarchies, decision making and authority.

         •  What communication styles work best?


The style of the workshop is interactive, combining presentation with discussion, short exercises and role plays to practise key ideas.

If you have a team with a common need, we are happy to adapt the workshop to their specific scenarios.

The programme can also be delivered on a 1-1 basis.

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