Working with the Russians

 Getting to know Russia and the Russians

  • Your questions-  
  • Facts: geography & climate, history, economy and the new business culture, demographics,culture, religion
  • Specific features of the Russian character: Ivan Durachok; Rodina; Dusha’; Obshchina/mir; Smekh skvoz’ slyozy;  Sturmovshchina; Oblomovism and Stakhanovism; Svyasy; Vzyatki; Blat.

  •  How to work effectively with your Russian partner 

  • First contact, first impressions
  • Communality, collectivism, patriotism
  • Attitudes to the law
  • Attitudes to time
  • Social vs business relations 
  • Interpersonal communication

  •  Personalised role-plays

    • In this session we will role-play scenarios that you expect to experience when working with your Russian business partners, applying the knowledge and practices explored in previous sessions

    Conclusions, advice and your final questions answered.

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