Working with the Turks


Target audience
This workshop is designed to help all those who work with Turkish colleagues and business partners.
The workshop will help participants:

      •  recognise how the beliefs, behaviours and motivations of Turkish business people are 
         different from their own and understand why. 

      •  identify strategies and approaches that will improve the likelihood of successful relationships.

What is culture?  Useful models for recognising and understanding differences.  And what do they tell us about the Turks.

Exploration of the participants’ own assumptions and values and how they will be perceived by their Turkish partners. 

          Between East and West:  Living at the crossroads

          Hemşehrilik: The bonds of family and friendship – Networking the Turkish way
          Kader:  Allah’s hand in project management

          İslam and the state: The Generals, the Politicians and the Imam’s 

         Turkey and the EU: Three thorny issues – The Kurds, the Armenians and Cyprus

       •  Masters of Crisis Management: The Turkish businessman in the land of the jagged graph

       •  Paternalism & Authority v the American way:  Contrasting management styles
         Communicating with and negotiating with the Turks: Which styles work best?

       •  Role plays of business Scenarios


The style of the workshop is interactive, combining presentation with discussion, short exercises and role plays to practise key ideas.

If you have a team with a common need, we are happy to adapt the workshop to their specific scenarios.    

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