Coaching on the move

This is a workshop aimed specifically at people who manage sales teams.

Companies with large sales forces constantly have to develop the performance of the sales team.  Area managers and team leaders play a very important role in this by visiting customers with the sales force and taking the opportunity to give them feedback and coaching.  

This can focus on issues relating to the product itself or sales skills.  It can deal with  behaviours of the sales person, or their knowledge.

This feedback and coaching role is especially difficult because the only time available for it is immediately after the meeting or during the journey from one meeting to the next.  Which often means that the conversations take place on the pavement, in the car or in a corridor  -  none of which is ideal.

These sales visits, however, are the perfect time to observe the sales team’s performance.  In order to ensure that this opportunity for improvement is used most effectively, Crossroads runs a two-day programme to strengthen the managers’ ability to:
  • give clear, supportive feedback under pressure
  • coach and motivate the sales team to develop and implement new skills quickly
  • deal with underperformance without damaging morale
  • reinforce the things their team are already doing well.

The training is very active, with a lot of role plays and short exercises to demonstrate and practise the skills.  We would suggest incorporating whatever “control forms” are already used on the sales visits, to ensure the realism of the sessions.

We would tailor the workshop to your company’s sector.  We would design the programme following consultation with you or your sales team manager.

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