Managing people and performance

This is a three-day workshop designed to help managers develop the skills needed to manage people and performance effectively.
Who should participate?
All managers who need to improve these skills  :
  • New managers who need to acquire and practise what they need to carry out their new role.
  • Experienced managers who need to refresh and practise in a supported environment what they have learnt on the job.
The workshop brings together the key elements of our three one-day programmes on  :

It will give managers the skills to  :

  • secure the positive commitment of people, as individuals and as a team
  • provide clear and measurable objectives
  • monitor performance and give clear feedback 
  • tackle underperformance constructively
  • develop team members.

The training is highly active, with the theory and ideas presented and explored in an interactive way.  As with all Crossroads training, the emphasis is on the “how” as well as the “what”.  There is a large number of role plays, group simulations and other exercises to practise the skills.

All participants will gain an understanding of their own styles as managers.  They will all prepare a detailed action plan for implementing in the workplace what they have learnt.

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