Introduction to management


When people become managers, they need to develop an understanding of their new responsibilities and a range of new skills.  What made them successful in their old role may not be helpful now;  it may even be counter-productive.  

This programme provides this understanding and these skills.  It helps them identify how their new role is different from the role in which they were previously successful and it helps them learn how to deal with the challenges they will now meet.

The content can be tailored to the priorities of the company, but a typical programme will focus on  :

  • the role and expectations of a manager 
  • self-management and organisation
  • managing people and performance
  • leading and managing teams
  • influencing inside and outside the team
  • dealing with conflict.

The training is highly active, with the theory and ideas presented and explored in an interactive way.  There is a large number of role plays, group simulations and other exercises to practise the skills.  The key messages are  :

  • Managers get results through people
  • Communication and involvement produce better results
  • Leadership styles should be adapted to the individuals and the situation
  • Strong teams always outperform groups of people who just work together
  • One of a manager’s most important contributions is to develop other people
  • Reviewing performance is a positive activity
  • Time management means managing yourself
  • Dealing with conflict means dealing with issues.

All participants will gain an understanding of their own styles as managers and as team members.  

Follow-up to this programme is essential.  All participants will prepare a series of detailed action plans to implement their new skills in the workplace.  They will create a means of monitoring and measuring this implementation after the programme.  Where appropriate, we can design a team survey to form the basis of a follow-up day.

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