Feedback and Coaching


Two of the most important management skills  -  and two of the biggest challenges  -  are how to give feedback and how to coach.   They are a key part of all Performance Management systems and are central to developing team members.

The workshop will demonstrate and practise how to :
  • understand the difference between genuine feedback and simply telling someone what you think
  • use different kinds of feedback, according to the situation, the timing and the individual
  • deal confidently with under-performance when feedback is not enough
  • understand what coaching is compared to other ways of developing people and what are its advantages and disadvantages
  • use a coaching model to help structure coaching conversations
  • use the key coaching techniques in a wide range of situations, including performance development, problem solving and taking responsibility.

As a result of this workshop, participants will be able to give feedback confidently and coach successfully.

The workshop is highly active, so all participants will practise the skills in one-to-one conversations.     

Sales managers would benefit from a tailored version,  Coaching on the move, which practises the skills in the specific context of coaching during a day of sales meetings.

This programme is run as a two-day workshop.  Where appropriate, participants will be encouraged to practise with real examples.  The small group size enables real progress to be made on real issues.

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