Leading in times of change


During times of organisational change, managers have a responsibility to the organisation to make the change happen and a responsibility to their teams to help them deal with it.  They also have to deal with the impact of the change on themselves as individuals.

To help with this, Crossroads runs two workshops.  The first (half a day) looks at understanding and dealing with change as an individual.  The second (half a day) explores what the manager can do to support their team and implement the change successfully.

Who should attend?

We suggest that everyone  -  managers and non-managers  -  takes part in the half-day workshop to learn how to deal with the impact of change on them as individuals.  The managers should then do the second workshop, also half a day, looking at how to lead their teams during times of change.

The full one-day programme has three goals.
  • Help everyone to understand what change means, why it causes problems, why individuals feel the way they do and what they can do about it.
  • Help managers identify what they can do to help the people in their teams handle their individual reactions
  • Identify specific issues that, if left untreated, could cause problems for the team. 

The workshop is very interactive with people doing some activities in small groups.

The first half of the workshop covers  :
  • why the change is happening.
  • the difference between change and transition (the William Bridges model).
  • dealing with what is ending and the uncertainty that creates.
  • techniques for taking greater control.

The second half covers  :

  • understanding types of reaction to change among team members.
  • Identifying the 5 key areas that managers must focus on to lead their teams successfully through change.
  • identifying behaviours and creating strategies that will increase the probability of success.

Crossroads has a lot of experience in this field and would be pleased to discuss tailored programmes with you.

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