Conflict management

Conflict in the workplace arises in many situations and with many causes – pressure of work, different objectives, clash of personalities.  Sometimes it is even regarded as part of someone’s natural style.  Although sometimes conflict can be used creatively, in most day-to-day situations its effect is negative.  It wastes time, damages morale and produces bad decisions.  This does not have to happen.  People can learn what causes conflict and how to deal with it – in themselves and in others.

This workshop is designed to help managers and non-managers deal with conflict successfully in the workplace.  Dealing with conflict means being able to avoid it before it arises and being able to defuse it when it arises. 

On this workshop participants will learn how to:

  • Raise and respond to difficult issues – with colleagues, bosses, team members, customers, suppliers – avoiding conflict.
  • Deal with conflict generated by others.
  • Be assertive without being confrontational.
  • Stop natural disagreements becoming conflicts  -  where differences of opinion or different priorities turn discussions into arguments.

They will:

  • understand why conflict happens
  • learn how to recognise their role in it – and therefore their role in stopping it
  • develop approaches and techniques that will help them prevent or deal with conflict
  • and, above all, practise using these techniques in one-to-one and group situations.

The overall aim is for them to be able to talk about anything, with anyone, and achieve a positive outcome, without conflict.

This programme is run as a one-day workshop for managers or non-managers.  For managers it can be combined with elements of Reviewing Performance to help them manage potential conflict when managing performance. 

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