Success Stories
I am pleased to provide a reference for Barbara Ferguson who worked with Babel as an associate trainer on a Cross-Cultural training project for Dunnhumby. Barbara was very thorough in her preparation and experienced in using a wide range of sources of information. Our delegates appreciated Barbara’s in-depth knowledge of Turkey, enthusiasm and professionalism and were very satisfied with her programme.
Sue Curry -Babel Director
Sibel Akgün HR Director for Colgate-Palmolive Turkey, Ukraine, Belarus, Central Asia & Caucasia
We invited Crossroads to facilitate a team building workshop for our Senior Management Team at a time when we were a newly formed multi-cultural team.

Crossroads facilitators are knowledgeable professionals who are expert at understanding the business world and business relations.  They facilitated our discussions skilfully and enabled us to shape ourselves into a coherent team.  They are believers in learning by doing and provided varied and engaging team activities.

These activities helped to trigger insights and helped our team to turn our cultural, individual and function-based differences into a higher value-added for the organization and a richer experience for us as a team.
 Meltem Çakıcı - Balkans & Middle East Communication Director
The training that we organised with Crossroads was about Distance Management. We had been transforming our Marketing Communication organization from local to global and this change brought with it many challenges to manage in order to achieve future success. With this change we became a very large team in a very wide geography and we were trying to understand how to capitalise on working together. 

The brief that we delivered to Crossroads was to support us in managing this challenge and to prepare our team to meet it.  They designed a training programme based on working successfully as a team despite cultural differences and integrated very professionally the content for Distance Management and being a virtual team spread over a very  wide geographical area.

We really appreciated their work and this training helped us to understand why we are a team and what we can achieve together in such a big and diverse geography.
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