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Erhan Gonultas - Mercedes-Benz training Department
As an introductory programme prior to the Advanced Negotiation Skills training that Crossroads also delivers for us, Win-Win Conversations was initially designed with Crossroads in 2005 as a one-day course to provide the participants with the fundamentals of the subject before attending the advanced programme.

It focuses on internal negotiations and encourages the idea of co-operative communication and fact-based conversations. Commencing with an engaging simulation, where all participants were faced with a difficult-to-solve problem and a hard-to-achieve end goal, this programme gave the participants the intense experience of needing to generate a solution considering the well-being of all parties while being faced with conflicting and hard-to-manage situations.
Additionally, participants had the opportunity to practice theoretical knowledge by being at the center of the programme. This was achieved by a course design based entirely on real-life processes and situations introduced by the carefully designed case studies. Moreover, the trainers’ expertise in managing case studies and giving feedback made an enormous contribution to the programme’s success.

Nilgün A.Koçak - Human Resources Specialist - Aksaray Plant

We are extremely happy to have got to know Crossroads. I believe that the creative and professional partnership they provided, from their approach to the initial training proposal right through to the course evaluations at the end of the process, ensured the success of our training programmes.

At Mercedes-Benz Türk A.Ş.’s.factory in Aksaray, we organised a series of Win-Win Conversations, Conflict Management and Negotiation Skills Workshops. I congratulate Crossroads for the way in which they devoted hours on the telephone in careful and detailed research and preparation for the special tailored case studies and role-plays they created for us. The feedback that we received about the training and trainers from our target population demonstrated Crossroads’ success.

We hope to be able to work with Crossroads again in future on many different topics.

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